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Curtain Rods: Shining The Spotlight On them!!!

Curtain Rods

Curtain rods are used to hang curtains in the majority of households. These rods have two functions. First, they hold the drapes that cover your windows, maintain your privacy, control the room temperature, block out sunlight and make your property feel homely. Second, they function as a decorative element of the room.

curtain rods
A curtain rod

The kind of curtain rod you choose will be governed by whether you wish it to be visible or not. Typically, simple rods stay concealed and are less expensive. These rods tend to be used for curtains that remain closed most of the time and do not have a decorative style.

Types of Curtain Rods

There are many different kinds of curtain rods available, in various colors, styles, finishes and materials. Ivory, brass finish and white are the most popular choices; and metal, wood and vinyl are the most commonly used materials. The material it is made of does not necessarily reflect the rod’s quality. Instead, craftsmanship is the key factor that determines both aesthetic appeal and durability.

Spring rods

Spring rods, also referred to as tension rods or spring tension rods, are the most well known kind of curtain rods. These rods are the simplest to install, and no special hardware is required for installation. These rods are held up with springs, which push the rods outwards at the ends. Consequently, spring rods are mounted directly onto windowsills, or onto the trim or molding surrounding them. Below is a picture showing a spring curtain rod.

Spring curtain rods
A Spring curtain rod


Sash Rods

Sash rods are another popular style. These are decorative and more slender than other kinds of curtain rods. They are meant to be positioned just over the tops of windows, and the curtains should hang just below the bottom. Homeowners who opt to use this style of curtain rod have to buy curtains that are slightly longer than their actual windows.

Sash curtain rods
A Sash curtain rod


Cafe Sash Rods

Cafe sash rods are a variation of standard sash rods. They look similar, but have a bigger circumference. In addition, they are meant to protrude from the wall partially, instead of just lying flat against the surface like sash rods do. However, similar to sash rods, you are supposed to use cafe sash rods with drapes that start just above windows, and finish just below them.


Cafe sash curtain rods
A Cafe sash curtain rod


Magnetic Rods

Magnetic rods are decorative in nature, but still straightforward to install. They hold themselves in position, just like spring rods. However, as their name suggests, rather than using springs they use magnets. These rods need metal windowsills to work, and they cost more than spring rods. If your property does not have metal windowsills, you can glue magnetic rods into position instead.

Magnetic curtain rods
A Magnetic curtain rod


Most homeowners choose decorative curtain rods when they want parts of the rods to be visible. Decorative rods are normally used with scarf pieces, sheer panels and other decorative window treatments. If you do not want the entire rod to be decorative, you can buy standard rods that have decorative finials at each end. Furthermore, you can mount the rod using decorative brackets.


Materials used in making curtain rods

Wood and wrought iron are two of the most popular materials used for making decorative curtain rods. Wooden rods are available in a range of finishes, and you can match these to the furniture in your home, including oak, cherry and mahogany varieties. Wooden rods can have fluted or smooth exteriors, and frequently come with matching rings and finials. Finishes on wrought iron rods range from rustic to sleek, and include iron oxide, pewter and gold. All of these rods are available in different diameters and lengths, to suit virtually all decorating schemes.

Alternative curtain rods

You could also opt to use double curtain rods on your windows. These consist of two rods, one situated in front of the other. These rods enable you to layer numerous curtains. On the back rod, you could use solid panels, and valances can be used on the rod at the front. Also, sheer panels and solid panels can be used on the back and front rods respectively. Sometimes, double curtain rods are used on drafty windows, when insulated, double layered curtains are required to stop cold air from entering a property.


Final Remarks

Great curtain rods complement the appearance of your home, and are sufficiently sturdy to support your curtains when they are closed or opened. Usually, selecting the most suitable materials and finishes for your rods is simply a question of locating items that fit your personal tastes. You might be influenced by the prices of the rods you are interested in, which are governed (among other things) by the finish, size and brand.


Shower Curtain Rod: Everything You Need to Know

If you have a shower in your home, you likely have a shower curtain hanging around it from a shower curtain rod. By definition, a shower curtain rod is a device used to suspend curtains along the edge of a shower. Such a rod can be made of materials such as plastic, steel, aluminum, or wood. In addition, shower curtain rods come in a wide range of styles, thickness, colors, and shapes. You can buy these rods from local stores or e-commerce sites.

Shower Curtain Rod
A Shower Curtain Rod

Types of Shower Curtain Rods

Curtain rods are generally classified based on their shape. The common types of rods available on the market today include:

Curved Shower Curtain Rod

A curved or crescent curtain rod is ideal if you want to add more standing/elbow room to your shower. In fact, many hotels have installed curved rods in showers because space tends to be a problem especially in places where budget travelers congregate. You, too, can use it at home to make your shower area look roomier without necessarily carrying out expensive bathroom renovation/remodeling. Another benefit is a curved shower curtain rod keeps the shower curtain from blowing in and sticking to your body as you shower.

Curved Shower Curtain Rod
A Curved Shower Curtain Rod


Straight Shower Curtain Rod

This is arguably the most popular type of shower curtain rod mainly because it is ideal for large bathrooms. What’s more, this type of shower curtain rod is relatively easy to use because it typically comes with mounting brackets.

Straight Shower Curtain Rod
A Straight Shower Curtain Rod



L-shaped Shower Curtain Rod

An L-shaped or corner shower curtain rod often has one side that is shorter than the other. The L-shape makes it relatively easier to mount on two perpendicular walls. However, an L-shaped shower curtain rod typically requires ceiling supports to keep them from sagging. In fact, some of these units come with ceiling support rods. Even if the L-shaped rod you have bought does not have one, you can purchase a support rod separately. However, it is worth noting that a support rod tends to impede the shower curtain rings that go around the top. You can easily solve this problem is by using two shower curtains.

L-Shaped Shower Curtain Rod
L-Shaped Shower Curtain Rod

Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod

A double curved shower curtain rod is simply a variation of the curved rod. It comes with a second parallel rod for hanging a separate curtain liner, towels, or clothes. If you want to create a stylish and elegant look in your bathroom, go for this type of shower curtain rod. It is worth noting that an L-shaped shower curtain rod comes in handy if your shower area is wedged in between two non-perpendicular walls. Depending on the distance from one wall to the next, a ceiling support rod may or may not be necessary.


Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod
Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod


U-shaped Shower Curtain Rod

Unlike the shower curtain rods described above, a U-shaped rod allows one to mount it on the same wall surface. Moreover, it would allow you to have space on the left and right hand sides of the shower area. Once again, this type of shower curtain rod will require a ceiling support rod to prevent it from sagging. Avoid this type of shower curtain rod if space in your bathroom is an issue.

U-Shaped Shower Curtain Rod
U-Shaped Shower Curtain Rod

Shower Curtain Rod Buying Tips

While price is important to consider when buying a shower curtain rod, you should contemplate other factors as well. Your goal should be to achieve a good balance of quality, cost, and personal preference. More importantly, you should choose a shower curtain rod that suits your shower curtain. For instance, if you have a hookless shower curtain, then you would need a shower curtain rod with holes. Additionally, you should also choose a shower curtain rod that comes with everything required to mount it on a wall as well as hang curtains. This includes wall brackets, hooks and rollers, screws, and flanges.


Curtain Rod Brackets: An Information Guide About Them

Curtains can make your windows look more homely. Also, they can improve the decorative appearance of your property overall, if you match the hardware and drapes to the property’s interior style. After you have selected your rod and curtains, you need to find some suitable curtain rodbrackets. You use curtain rod brackets to fix the curtain rod to the window frame or wall, prior to hanging the curtains up.


Usually, rods and curtain rod brackets are sold together in a set. There are lots of different curtain rods available, such as tension or spring loaded rods, decorative or plain rods, and triple or double rods – for suspending several curtain layers on one window. You should base your choice of curtain rod brackets and rods on the room’s decor, and on the curtains’ weight and style. Curtain rod brackets are normally selected to reflect the kind of curtains and rods being used, along with the design features of the room. For a successful installation, use equipment that will allow you to fix the curtain rod brackets into the wooden studs evenly, within the wall. A level and a stud finder generally work well.


The appearance of window treatments can vary considerably, based on whether you choose dramatic ceiling mounted drapes, or shelf brackets (which hold the rod up, as well as a slender framing shelf at the top). Typically, the curtain rod brackets and rod match each other, with regards to the finish and material. However, you might wish to alter the design to produce a more distinctive style.

Firstly, think about the surface that you will hang the curtains on. If there is insufficient space for a protruding rod, on both sides of the window, it is best to use a standard bracket and rod system. In this scenario, curtain rod brackets should be present inside the rod packaging. Either that, or they will come separately and be labeled for quick selection.

Double Curtain Rod Brackets

Double curtain rod brackets are utilized for double curtains, if you wish to create a more dimensional look or block out sunlight (for instance, in the living room). Normally, the inner curtains are made from sheer lightweight fabric. In contrast, the outer drapes are thicker and can be pushed aside, whenever more sunlight is desired.

If you are interested in purchasing some Double Curtain Rod Brackets, check out the following website link below.

Double Curtain Rod Brackets

Wooden Curtain Rod Brackets

Wooden curtain rod brackets definitely improve a bamboo or wooden rod. These brackets often come in a natural wooden stain. Nonetheless, they are extremely versatile and you can carve or paint them, to customize their appearance however you wish.

You can purchase wooden brackets here!!!

Metal and Chrome Brackets

Metal and chrome brackets suit contemporary and modern properties. However, these curtain rod brackets also come with an antique finish, to provide a more old fashioned appearance. Antiqued gold and black wrought iron are two examples of this. Frequently, these brackets have decorative sculptures on their ends, which injects some more decorative flair close to the curtain rod’s edge.

If you desire to purchase either: Metal or or Chrome Brackets we (The Curtain Guide) recommend you check out this website:

Metal and Chrome Brackets


You should consider the weight and style of your curtains, when selecting curtain rod brackets and curtain rods. For instance, if your curtains have tab tops, part of the rod (and maybe even the whole bracket) ought to be visible once you hang the curtains up. Therefore, it might be wise to choose curtain rod brackets and rods with decorative designs, instead of opting for purely functional models. Pick a style that complements your choice of curtains, and the overall appearance of the room they will be used in. Then, check the brackets’ and rods’ weight capacity prior to purchase.

For notably tight spaces, opt for a tension or spring loaded bracket and rod system, because these are used inside window frames and occupy a smaller amount of space. Moreover, tension rods are a great choice for people living in apartments, who do not want to drill holes that have to be refilled. They are convenient for people who lack the desire and/or ability to install rods and mount brackets as well. Tension or spring loaded rods have curtain rod brackets integrated into them, so you can purchase everything together. If you are a homeowner and do not plan to move the rods and curtain rod brackets in the near future, consider choosing a more elaborate option. You can always enlist the help of professionals, if you become stuck at any stage of the process.

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