Curtain rings are small devices used to hold curtains in place. In most cases, curtain rings attach tocurtain rods. Such rings come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. With that in mind, here is some more information about curtain rings:

Why Use Curtain Rings?

The primary purpose of curtain rings is to hold up curtains in place. As such, you can use curtain rings to hang a curtain over a window, door, or around/in front of a shower area. In addition, you can use curtain rings for decorative purposes to improve your home’s decor. With this in mind, here are various types of curtain rings available on the market.


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Clip Curtain Rings

Clip curtain rings come attached to clips that you can use to secure a curtain. The ring itself fits, attaches, or slides over a curtain rod. Unlike other types of rings, clip rings allow one to attach curtains that do not necessarily have attachment pieces. The clip clamps onto the fabric material of a curtain without any problem. Moreover, clip rings make it relatively easier to change the décor of room because all it takes is to pry the clips open to remove a curtain and then attach another one.

Below are some Clip Rings:

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Pin Hook Curtain Rings

Pin hook curtain rings resemble fishing hooks and typically have a curved hook at one end and a sharp pin/end at the other end. To hang a curtain using a pin hook, insert the side with a prong into the back of a curtain header and then slide the hooked side into the eye of a pole ring running along the length of a curtain rod. Depending on the type of curtain you want to hang, you can use two or four-pronged hooks. It is worth noting that these rings are available in different styles including round, pointed, and longneck pin hooks. Round pin hook rings have a round top while pointed pin hooks have a top shaped like the letter “V.” Some of the important things to consider when buying pin hook curtain rings include size and style.

The image below shows what Pin Hook rings look like:

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S-hook Curtain Rings

As their name suggests, S-hook curtain rings have a shape that resembles the letter “S,” and are generally made from wood or metal. Some people use S-hooks for decorative purposes since the S-like shape is visible above a hanging curtain. It is worth noting that S-hook rings fit well on curtains that have a buttonhole at the top edge. Although most people use S-hooks to hang shower curtains, you can use them elsewhere.

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Sew-On Hook Curtain Rings

Although sew-on hook rings resemble to a great extent pin hook rings, their pronged side usually has a rounded eye that attaches to the curtain header hence keeping the pronged side firmly fixed onto a curtain. On the other hand, the hooked side slides over a curtain rod. Some of the materials used to make sew-on hook curtain rings include brass and wood.


Pleater Curtain Rings

Pleater rings attach to the pleater tape sewn into a curtain header. To hang a curtain, insert the pronged end of a pleater ring into pleater tape openings/pockets. After this, hang your curtain on a curtain rod. It is important to note that these rings come with two, three, or four prongs to make it easier for users to create single, double, or triple pleats.

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Eyelet Curtain Rings

These curtain rings consist of small eyelets that slip over hooks inserted on the back of a curtain panel or header. For the best results, you should insert one hook and its ring on the back of each curtain pleat.



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Curtain rings can serve both a decorative and a functional purpose. You can use these rings to hang your shower, window, or door curtains. Depending on your preference, you can buy and use eyelet, pin hook, pleater, S-hook, and sew-on hook rings to hang various types of curtains. These curtain rings are made from materials such as metal and come in a wide range of colors. In addition, you can buy them from either your local retail store or online. Finally, before buying any curtain ring, make sure it is large enough to slide over curtain rods in your home.