Curtains can make your windows look more homely. Also, they can improve the decorative appearance of your property overall, if you match the hardware and drapes to the property’s interior style. After you have selected your rod and curtains, you need to find some suitable curtain rodbrackets. You use curtain rod brackets to fix the curtain rod to the window frame or wall, prior to hanging the curtains up.


Usually, rods and curtain rod brackets are sold together in a set. There are lots of different curtain rods available, such as tension or spring loaded rods, decorative or plain rods, and triple or double rods – for suspending several curtain layers on one window. You should base your choice of curtain rod brackets and rods on the room’s decor, and on the curtains’ weight and style. Curtain rod brackets are normally selected to reflect the kind of curtains and rods being used, along with the design features of the room. For a successful installation, use equipment that will allow you to fix the curtain rod brackets into the wooden studs evenly, within the wall. A level and a stud finder generally work well.


The appearance of window treatments can vary considerably, based on whether you choose dramatic ceiling mounted drapes, or shelf brackets (which hold the rod up, as well as a slender framing shelf at the top). Typically, the curtain rod brackets and rod match each other, with regards to the finish and material. However, you might wish to alter the design to produce a more distinctive style.

Firstly, think about the surface that you will hang the curtains on. If there is insufficient space for a protruding rod, on both sides of the window, it is best to use a standard bracket and rod system. In this scenario, curtain rod brackets should be present inside the rod packaging. Either that, or they will come separately and be labeled for quick selection.

Double Curtain Rod Brackets

Double curtain rod brackets are utilized for double curtains, if you wish to create a more dimensional look or block out sunlight (for instance, in the living room). Normally, the inner curtains are made from sheer lightweight fabric. In contrast, the outer drapes are thicker and can be pushed aside, whenever more sunlight is desired.

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Double Curtain Rod Brackets

Wooden Curtain Rod Brackets

Wooden curtain rod brackets definitely improve a bamboo or wooden rod. These brackets often come in a natural wooden stain. Nonetheless, they are extremely versatile and you can carve or paint them, to customize their appearance however you wish.

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Metal and Chrome Brackets

Metal and chrome brackets suit contemporary and modern properties. However, these curtain rod brackets also come with an antique finish, to provide a more old fashioned appearance. Antiqued gold and black wrought iron are two examples of this. Frequently, these brackets have decorative sculptures on their ends, which injects some more decorative flair close to the curtain rod’s edge.

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Metal and Chrome Brackets


You should consider the weight and style of your curtains, when selecting curtain rod brackets and curtain rods. For instance, if your curtains have tab tops, part of the rod (and maybe even the whole bracket) ought to be visible once you hang the curtains up. Therefore, it might be wise to choose curtain rod brackets and rods with decorative designs, instead of opting for purely functional models. Pick a style that complements your choice of curtains, and the overall appearance of the room they will be used in. Then, check the brackets’ and rods’ weight capacity prior to purchase.

For notably tight spaces, opt for a tension or spring loaded bracket and rod system, because these are used inside window frames and occupy a smaller amount of space. Moreover, tension rods are a great choice for people living in apartments, who do not want to drill holes that have to be refilled. They are convenient for people who lack the desire and/or ability to install rods and mount brackets as well. Tension or spring loaded rods have curtain rod brackets integrated into them, so you can purchase everything together. If you are a homeowner and do not plan to move the rods and curtain rod brackets in the near future, consider choosing a more elaborate option. You can always enlist the help of professionals, if you become stuck at any stage of the process.