Curtains serve a wide range of functions. Curtain tie backs are accessories used to hold the fabric in place, either on the sides or at the center of the window. This is usually done for a variety of reasons. Curtain tie backs come in the form of ropes, thin fabrics and metals among others. The following are some common uses of curtains that curtain tie backs can help with:


i) Enhancing Privacy

One of the most common uses of curtains in a home or office is to enhance privacy. This opaque window covering prevents people who are outside the house or office from looking inside, thereby enhancing privacy inside the room. When privacy is not an issue, the curtain can be pulled to the sides or at the center of the window and held in position with curtain tie backs.

ii) Interior Decor

There are many ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of a house or office. Curtains are perfect for this purpose. They come in a wide range of colors, fabrics, textures and patterns. Depending on the type of theme you would like to create in the house, you can choose a suitable curtain to enhance its aesthetic appeal. You can use curtains with different colors or patterns to improve the aesthetic value.

iii) Insulation

Curtains can also be used to insulate the house against the cold air outside. However, two layers may be needed to achieve this goal. The air trapped between the layers will act as an insulator. After all, air is a poor conductor of heat. During the cold season, the layered curtains will help to prevent the house from losing heat through the windows. During summer, the curtains will prevent outdoor temperatures from interacting with the cool air inside the house.

iv) Regulating Light

Curtain tie backs can be used to hold curtains in position when they are opened to let in sunlight during the day. One of the main uses of curtains is to regulate the amount of light getting into the house. Several curtain layers can be put on the window, each with a different transparency level. Depending on the amount of light you want in the room, you can use curtain tie backs to hold the appropriate curtains in place on the sides of the window.

As you can see, curtains have numerous uses and curtain tie backs can help with each of those applications.


Curtain tie backs can also help with the following:

– Showcasing a View: If your window has a great view, the best way to invite guests to the viewpoint at the window is to use attractive or noticeable curtain tie backs.
– Opening the Curtains: Keeping curtains that are not designed to move can be challenging. Usually, a string is used to tie the curtains to the two opposite sides. These strings are commonly referred to as curtain tie backs.
– Aesthetics: There are different types of curtain tie backs that can be used to enhance the aesthetic value of the curtains. There are colored ropes and printed fabrics with tassels that can be used as curtain tie backs for beauty purposes.
– Focus Attention: In interior design, there must be at least one item that acts as the main focus of attention. This can be a fish tank, chandelier or a beautiful curtain tie backs.


Types of Curtain Tie Backs

i) Ropes

These are the most basic as well as the most popular types of curtain tie backs. Beautifully woven ropes made from different types of materials may come with hooks to hold the curtain in place. With most ropes, the user must tie a knot to secure the curtain.

ii) Brooch

Brooches can either be circular, square, rectangular or oval among other shapes. A brooch uses a pin, which acts as the pivot, to fasten the curtain and hold it in place.


iii) Fabrics

A thin piece of fabric can be used as a curtain tie back. The fabric may be similar to the curtain fabric or it may be different.

iv) Toys

There are toys designed to hold curtains. For instance, the arms of a teddy bear, monkey or giraffe may be designed to fasten the curtains. There are many other types of curtain tie backs that can be used in a formal setting as well as an informal one.