How to measure curtains: a brief introduction

Curtains are a wonderful way to add color, pattern, texture and interest to a room. Not only can curtains serve as a design feature, curtains can help protect your home and furnishings from the damaging rays of the sun. Sun can drastically fade and discolor carpeting, furniture and even wallpaper or paint. By adding curtains to your windows, you add a layer of sun protection that will help preserve the beauty of your home. Curtains can also be a great way to control how much light is let into the room and give you a measure of privacy and security open windows simply cannot match. For people who rent homes or apartments, curtains are a smart way to add color and interest without breaking the terms of your lease and save you the hassle of having to repaint or make repairs when you leave.

Curtains are available in a wide range of fabrics, patterns, styles and colors. From simple panel curtains hung by grommets to intricate pinch pleat curtains hung by a traverse rod, you can find a curtain set perfect for your budget, style and needs. The wide variety of curtains on the market make it simple to find a set you love, but for many people the trouble comes when it is time to measure curtains. Making sure you have measured correctly and buy the right length and width of curtains can make the difference between a pair of curtains that perfectly accent your room or a pair of curtains that hang too low, are too short or do not completely cover your windows. Ill fitting curtains will detract from the beauty of your home and will not provide the privacy and sun protection you want, so it is extremely important that you understand how to measure for curtains and get the right size and fit.

What Do I Need When Measuring For Curtains?

When you are ready to start measuring curtains, you will need a few supplies. Luckily, the supply list is short and you probably already have everything you need. For measuring curtains, you will need:

*A pencil and paper to record your measurements.
*The windows you are measuring curtains for.
*A metal tape measure. To get an accurate fit, you need to use a tape measure made of metal. Fabric tape measures made from other materials can buckle, bend and stretch, so the measurements they provide may not be as accurate as one from a metal tape measure.

Once you have gathered your supplies, it is time to decide what type of look you want to create with your curtains so you can begin the process of measuring curtains (for the purpose of this article you will be learning how to measure curtains).

What Kinds Of Looks Can Curtains Provide?

When you are measuring for curtains, it is important to keep the look you want to create in mind. Most decorating professionals agree that there are three main types of looks curtains can help you create in a room. The look you are going for will help determine how you move forward in measuring curtains for your space. Traditional, contemporary and luxurious looks can all be created with curtains. How to measure curtains for each look is an important component of getting the effect you are after, but before you can do that, you need to understand what each look entails.

How to measure curtains

 Specifics on how to measure curtains


How To Measure Curtains For A Traditional Style Curtain Look

To achieve a tailored, clean and classic look, you will want to take measurements that incorporate your window frame. Knowing how to measure curtains to create a traditional look will help you put together a timeless, elegant look that will give your home a designer look and feel. When you know how to measure curtains, you can cut out the expense of hiring a designer and spend more of your budget on high quality curtains.

To set off your room with the beauty of traditional curtains, you need to hang your curtains six inches above the window frame, three inches below the window frame and three inches wider than the window frame. In other words, measure the height of the window including the frame and then add nine inches. Next, you need to measure the width of your windows including the frame and to create a traditional, tailored, crisp look, make sure your curtains are one and a half times wider than that measurement. Hanging your curtains beyond the window frame gives you multiple design benefits. First, measuring for curtains using this method results in the window frame being completely hidden. Secondly, this way of measuring curtains ensures that when the curtains are open, no light is blocked from the window so you can bathe your room in sunlight if you want. Thirdly, measuring curtains this way makes the window itself look larger than it really is adding architectural interest and importance to your windows and your window coverings.

Adding a traditional curtain treatment to your room or rooms will help you create a look that feels cozy, familiar and tasteful. Measuring curtains for a traditional style home is quick and easy when you follow these guidelines and tips. Whether you choose a panel curtain or a pinch pleat curtain, this method is how to measure for curtains and get a traditional look that will provide the perfect curtain measurements and give you the look, privacy, control of light and sun protection you need to keep your home looking great.

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How To Measure Curtains For A Contemporary Room Look

For modern, sleek homes or to update an older home with a contemporary flair and feel, contemporary accessories and furnishings can go a long way in making the home feel chic, of the moment and up to date. To totally complete the look and add a designer touch, though, you need to know how to measure curtains to give you a contemporary look.

In a contemporary home, measuring for curtains should allow the curtains to just barely touch the floor. When measuring curtains for a contemporary look, you want the bottom edge of the curtain to be resting on the floor. When planning how to measure curtains for a contemporary look, you need to take into account where you want to hang the rod. In a contemporary look, this can be anywhere from six inches above the window frame all the way up to the ceiling if you prefer. Hanging the rod at ceiling height will create an illusion of floor to ceiling windows and give your room interest and make the room seem a bit taller and larger than it truly is. This works out really well in small room or in rooms that have little to no architectural interest. by creating a floor to ceiling window look, you create focal points and visual interest.

Once you have decided where you want to hang your curtain rods, it is time to start measuring for curtains. Measure from one inch above the floor to the point you decided to hang your curtain rods. Next, measure the window frame and choose a curtain that is one and half to three times the width of the frame. The higher you hang your curtains, the wider your curtain length should be to make sure that your curtains look visually balanced. For example, if you are measuring for curtains that are going to hang from the ceiling, you need to triple the width of your window frame to create a full, balanced look that reads as contemporary and designer. When you know how to measure curtains for a contemporary look, you can update any home, no matter the age, to reflect an up to date, current style that makes your home feel fresh and modern.


How To Measure Curtains For A Luxurious Look

For homeowners or renters who want their home to feel luxurious and opulent, knowing how to measure for curtains so they look sumptuous is critical. In luxury homes, the details take center stage and knowing how to measure for curtains that look expensive is a major component of creating a luxurious space. Measuring curtains to create the look and feel of fullness, abundance, and decadence will help you make any room feel expensive and designer.

Measuring for curtains with a luxurious look means allowing enough length so that the curtain actually puddles a bit on the floor. This means that excess fabric is allowed to lay on the floor in a fabric puddle, giving the impression that you decorated the room without regard to cost or practically in the pursuit of luxury. Measuring for curtains that create a luxury feel means creating an opulent, decadent look that will give your room an heir of elegance and upscale flair.

When figuring out how to measure for curtains that create a luxurious feel, you will want to hang them as close to the ceiling as possible. Once you have determined where your rods will go, measuring for curtains entails measuring from the rod to the floor and then adding and additional eight to ten inches to create the puddling effect. Next, measure the width of the window and then multiple that by three to create the volume and fullness you need for a luxury look. When measuring for curtains in the luxury style, it is important to select curtains that will drape and puddle well. Sheer curtains and light weight curtains are best for this effect as heavy fabrics are a bit too stiff and rigid to puddle correctly on the floor.

Regardless of which look you want to learn how to measure curtains to create, it is important that you keep the overall look and feel of the room in mind. Additionally, it is not uncommon to use different styles in different rooms. For example, measuring curtains for a formal living room will be very different than measuring curtains for a casual, eat in kitchen. Learning how to measure curtains of each style will help you diversify your home’s look and create looks in each space that are appropriate for the way the space will be used. Treat your guests to a luxurious stay by measuring curtains that will puddle and create a boutique hotel look. Make a baby’s nursery feel comfortable and cozy by measuring for traditional curtains and help your teen feel on trend by measuring for curtains that are contemporary and reflect their sense of style and taste.

When you know how to measure for curtains that will perfectly frame your windows, provide sun protection, privacy and interest, it is easy to pull together a designer look of which you can be proud. No matter what your budget or style is, you can find curtains that will correspond to the look you want to create and once you know how to measure for curtains, you can tackle every window in your home with ease.


How to measure curtains concluding remarks

Whether you want a traditional, contemporary or luxurious look, knowing how to measure for curtains will go a long way in helping you make the room look and feel exactly how you want. Shop online or in your local home stores for curtains that fit your measurements, style and budget and once you get them home, you will see what a difference curtains can make. Whether you want curtains for privacy, sun protection, light filtering or simply to add texture and color, knowing how to measure curtains will make your decorating job much easier and far more successful.

Get your metal tape measure, pencil and pad together and take and record your measurements. Once you have everything measured and recorded, you can enjoy the fun process of shopping for the perfect curtains. No matter your style, budget or tastes, when you know how to measure for curtains, creating the look you want is as easy as taking a few measurements, hanging a rod and draping the curtains.

Now that you know how easy it is to learn how to measure curtains, there is no reason your windows should ever be bear. Follow these tips for measuring curtains and outfit all the windows in your home in curtains that reflect your style and sensibilities. Creating the home of your dreams can be as easy as measuring curtains and hanging them to create the effect and look you want from traditional to contemporary to luxurious. Measuring curtains is a quick and easy way to transform a room and home and is a very economical way to change the look and feel of your home without lots of labor, time or money. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, measuring for curtains is a great way to transform your space and enhance and refresh your home so get started today.


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