When planning on designs for window treatment, many individuals choose curtain panels. For curtain styles or patterns, there are many choices available in the market. The particular curtain panel style that you will choose will be based on the window type that you will be covering. For instance your back or side has windows, using sheer type curtain panels will be a good option in covering the window portion of your door. This sheer type curtain panels can either be white or colored according to the design that you like to match it.

Among the different curtain panel styles, the grommet is a panel, which has precut hole on its top. You can place the rod to this precut hole by pushing it. The straight edge appearance of the grommet type panel curtain makes it suitable in recreation and family rooms. A unique style of curtain panel is the one with a tab top. This curtain comes with folded materials or small tabs located on its top portion. The folded portion of the curtain enables the attachment to the rod in order to hang its panels. This type of style has an authentic design and is available in matching shades that offer a window treatment with an edgy designer look.

The total measurement of curtain panel to be used will be based as to how you prefer your curtain’s bunch to be. If you like your shirred curtain to have the bunchy look or pattern, you can buy various panels or very wide panel in a single rod. You may utilize door type curtain panels on your doors, which have glass that are full length like French doors. This curtain panels bring elegance to French doors, which are crafted nicely. Using curtain panels in improving your window portions is a good way of bringing lively atmosphere into your room.

For individuals aiming in having a room ambiance that is very elegant, you can try using curtain panels and placing them beneath draperies that are full size. You can utilize sheers to serve as panels then have the draperies pulled back with the ties. By using the sheers, the light is able to enter into your room and creates very grand appearance for your window at the same time. This type of design is perfect choice for dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms, which are formal.

Selecting the Right Curtain Panels

Using curtain panels can greatly affect the atmosphere, decoration, and the over all ambience of your room. When you are not able to choose the correct design or style of a curtain panel that will accentuate your room it can affect the aesthetics, practicality, or comfort.

When choosing curtain panels, the factor you have to take into consideration first is if you prefer a pattern that is stationery or one that is functional. The curtain panels that are functional are those that aid in giving a light and giving a nice ambiance to your house’room while the curtain panels that are stationery are mainly for decoration.

The next thing that you have to take into consideration is the length and width of your chosen curtain panels. Basically, the stationery curtain’s width should be one-fourth of the total measurement of the used bracket. This means that you have to obtain the window width including three inches on the side of each window.

Curtain Panel Width

Deciding the functional panel’s width is somewhat difficult. You will have to include the overlap on both sides, which is six inches in total and the return on both sides as well, which is six inches as the measurement of bracket, in order for you to obtain the total width.

In selecting curtain that is flat or non-pleated, you will have to multiply its total width by two and a half. The product you will obtain is the total width of flat panel. You will have to divide the total width of flat panel by the pieces of panels that you like to have for your room’s window. If you prefer the non-pleated style of curtain, you just have to divide the total width obtained by the curtain panel piece s you like to have.

Deciding the Curtain Length

Before you decide on your curtain’s length, you will need to select a drapery pole then finally decide where you will be placing it. The drapery pole’s diameter is significant in acquiring the curtain’s length. You will also have to decide regarding the placement of the used pole, whether you will be placing close to the window’s top, center of the window’s top and ceiling, or closer to you r ceiling.

1. The basic practice generally include the floor’s measurement, however you can select among Puddle, Drag or Break, and Graze.

2. The puddle is considered as the additional four inches or higher in order for a curtain to have a nice puddle on your floor, providing a comforting ambience

3. The Drag or Break is the additional one to three inches to your curtain, providing the spill effect that is interesting.

4. The Graze is the accurate measurement so that your curtain only touches your floor.

Selecting Curtain Style

The style of curtains should not be forgotten. The different styles provide a unique effect in your room’s appearance, thus you must consider each style select the best one.

The flat panels such as rod pocket and grommet are perfect for curtains that are stationery, especially for patterned fabric for a wall having solid color. However it does not mean that these curtains are not perfect for curtain sets that are functional type. Curtain fabric having small patterns, solid, pale color in curtains that are rod pocket or grommet style is excellent choice when you like to provide a good airy feeling to your own room. The pleated panel like the pencil, inverted, Parisian, and boxed styles including tab top are excellent choice for rooms that are spacious as these curtain styles provides volume to your windows.

Accentuating your curtains offers an additional touch to the over design of your room. You can experiment with your tab top curtain by accessorizing its narrow strips located on its top portion for instance, combining different patterns or colors and selecting unique button design for finishing the overall effect of your room.

Lining your curtain with style of rod pocket will also offer a different feel on the overall effect of the room. Selecting a different style of ring to match the pleated style is a wise idea that you should also try to consider. The sash and double type of curtaining (a clear fabric with rich and heavier material) offers elegance to your room’s appearance. There are many things you can apply when doing a window treatment. You should try to experiment with different patterns and style to achieve the excellent look that will enhance your room.