Advantage of Curtain Linings

It is a fact that curtain fabrics fade and also deteriorate quickly unless one uses a curtain lining that is most suitable in protecting the fabrics from the sun’s direct rays.


Curtain linings and their importance are often underestimated. These curtain linings help protect the curtain fabrics from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and also insulate the home’s interior from the cold and heat. The linings, especially the interlinings, also help minimize unwanted noise.

Ironic as it seems, a lot of home decorators choose fabrics that are attractive and of high quality as main curtains but only give little importance to protecting the fabrics with curtain lining of quality.

To improve curtain appearance and make your main draping fabrics last longer, it is important for curtains to be lined. Linings as well as the interlinings help reduce costs of heating and air conditioning because of the improved insulation. Light control and penetration of varying degrees will also be provided using the correct lining type.

During summer, heat penetration from the sun through the windows can be extreme while during winter, heat loss occurs. Having a lining that is combined with interlining will improve the insulation. Adding pelmet will be even better. A window that is fully lined with coverage to extreme edges or even beyond will be able to provide maximum insulation possible as well as light control.

Selecting the most appropriate lining will improve your comfort and help protect your valuable furnishings as well.

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Blackout Curtain Lining

You always experience waking up because of the sun’s brightly shining rays every morning. You have already tried using the pull down type of shades, some blinds, and also resorted to putting blanket over the windows at night.

Even if the blankets are able to provide help in preventing the sun’s rays from ruining your sleep, this still looks tacky.

Other options are possible though such as using blackout curtain lining.

This may sound simple but this really helps. All you have to do is put blackout curtain lining just inside your own bedroom curtains. If you do not have curtains, you can also place it behind the blinds.

During the night, you only need to let your curtain lining pulled down when putting down the blinds or pulling the curtains down. When morning comes, you only need to roll them upward with your blinds or pull the lining back with your curtains.

You do not have to feel sorry for yourself if you were not able to come up with this idea before. It is understandable as sometimes people tend to overlook the simplest of options possible.

Blackout curtain lining comes in different shapes and sizes, which is a nice thing. There are a lot of choices available, which makes it easy to have one that fits your bedroom blinds or curtains.

For smaller windows, there are also blackout curtain lining made available. For larger and longer windows, there is no need to worry as well because there are also curtain linings available for such windows. Curtain linings come in all sizes, which makes it easier to look for the size you need.

The good thing about blackout curtain lining is it is not only limited for the bedroom. You can also use this type of curtain lining in the different areas of your home. Example would be your living room, which is an ideal area if you prefer to have it dark whenever you like to watch movies during the afternoons or anytime of the day. Other areas that tend to get hot can also be an ideal place to use curtain lining.

Using blackout curtain lining is another option to have a good sleep without being disturbed. This type of curtain lining is available in most sizes thus you have a lot of choices and can find the exact size for your windows without much trouble. Thus if you are looking for some ways to have a good sleep by having your room in complete darkness, all you need to do is visit your nearest store and purchase some blackout curtain lining.