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Curtains: Understanding The Various Uses of Curtains

We see the outside world through windows. It’s only natural that a set of drapes or curtains on the windows, will also affect the way we see it. Curtain accessories can make our view a lot better, or a lot worse, depending on how they look. Almost every building and home in the world has a curtain, or many sets of curtains. If they are set up correctly, and match the interior of the room, we rarely notice them. When they aren’t, and look out of place, they stick out like a sore thumb. Choosing and installing a curtain set is very important. Most people don’t realize it, but there are various types of drapes and curtains. There are also a lot more uses for a curtain, than most people think.

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Curtain Uses

A high quality set of curtains can serve numerous uses. These are some of the most common ones.


Cover windows – The most common use for a curtain is, of course, to cover a window. There are two major reasons for this. The first is practical in nature. Blocking the amount of sunlight going into a room is essential. Have you ever tried to watch television in a room without a curtain? It’s not a pleasant activity, and it’s harmful to your eyes. Curtains allow us to regulate the amount of light, coming through the transparent pane of glass. They also stop other people, from being able to see inside your house unobstructed. Getting to know your neighbors is great, but having them watch your daily activities isn’t. The second reason people use a curtain is for looks. When homeowners design the interior of their homes, curtains play a big role in making the atmosphere aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Room divider – Another curtain use, in a house setting, is to divide, or partition, a room. This is a great option for homeowners, who can’t afford to make any major renovations. Hooking up a curtain rack, and installing curtains or drapes, is a lot cheaper than erecting walls and rooms. People who rent, can also use this method if they want to get some privacy, or section off a large room. Most landlords will not allow any major construction, or alterations, to their properties. Various types of curtains can be used to accomplish this. The trick is, finding the one that is both aesthetically pleasing, and fits the proper dimensions of the room.


Shower curtain – Another common household use is that of a shower curtain. A shower curtain works, by stopping the water that gets reflected and scattered, when a person takes a shower. It basically saves us from cleaning up a huge mess of water after every shower. That’s a lot of water, considering most people, and their families, shower daily. Water that would otherwise end up on the bathroom floor, after splashing and spraying off our bodies, goes down the drain instead. When installing a shower curtain, like any other, it must meet the two criteria. The curtain should add to the look of the bathroom, and it must fit the correct dimensions.


Theatrical productions – In some situations, a curtain may be used in a musical or theatrical production. These curtains, are usually a lot bigger than their regular counterparts. The curtain serves to cover the stage between acts, or allows performers to change costumes, props, etc. It keeps those activities hidden from the audience, and is raised when the show is set to start, or resume.


Door – The final purpose a curtain may be used for, is that of a door. Some people like to get creative, and hang a curtain from a door frame, instead of having a door. It’s a great option for people who can’t afford a wooden or metal door. A curtain provides visual privacy from room to room, and adds a certain mystique to the room’s atmosphere. Photographers, artists, psychics, and fortune tellers, are just a few examples of people who might prefer using a curtain instead of a door.

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Final Remarks

There are many different kinds of curtains to choose from. Choosing the right one for the look you are trying to achieve, requires doing some homework. Remember the two most important rules. A curtain must be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and it must fit the dimensions of the room, or place, it is being installed in.

Shower Curtains: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Shower Curtains: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Besides providing privacy while you take a shower and preventing water from splashing outside the shower area, shower curtains can also act as decorative items, especially since they come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. With that in mind, here is some information about shower curtains:

A Shower curtain
A Shower curtain


Curtain Materials

  • Synthetic

Some of the popular synthetic materials used to manufacture bathroom curtains include polyester, vinyl, PVC, nylon, and polypropylene. It is worth noting that curtains made using synthetic materials have several advantages. To start with, they are moisture resistant. Secondly, they do not develop mold or mildew easily. Thirdly, they generally require little maintenance. Fourthly, they are cheap. On the flip side, one of the major drawbacks associated with these curtains is their unauthentic look. However, synthetic shower curtains are a good choice if you are not looking for an aesthetically appealing product.



  • Natural Fabrics

If you are looking for shower curtains that will give your bathroom an authentic look, go for curtains made from natural fibers such as cotton, silk, satin, or linen. However, curtains made using natural fibers tend to be expensive. In addition, they are not as water, mildew, stain, and mold resistant as synthetic shower curtains. Thankfully, you can improve their resistance to these elements by pairing them with water resistant liners. As a tip, you should wash and air these types of shower curtains regularly to get rid of odor causing bacteria and fungi.



  • Hemp Fiber Curtains

Some shower curtains are made from hemp fiber. Unlike curtains made with cotton or linen, hemp fiber curtains are bacteria and fungi resistant. Moreover, they tend to remain fresh and clean for longer in comparison to curtains made using natural fibers.


Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Shower Curtain

Some of the important factors to consider when shopping for a shower curtain include:


The primary function of a shower curtain is to provide privacy to the person taking a shower. With this in mind, go for a curtain that satisfies this requirement. Besides providing privacy, it should also match your bathroom’s décor. If you opt for a curtain that requires a liner, go for liners with weights or magnets at the bottom to keep them in place. It is worth noting that there are shower curtain liners on the market with antibacterial coatings. If you share your bathroom with several people, such a liner will come in handy.



If you are a busy executive, stay at home mom, or a businessperson, you should buy a bathroom curtain that requires little or no maintenance. Of course, this would mean a synthetic curtain. The problem with curtains made from natural fibers is they require regular cleaning. Furthermore, a natural fiber curtain that is constantly pushed to one side will likely develop folds that could harbor mold or mildew.



In addition to choosing a high-quality fabric, you should carefully examine the stitching as well as the grommets that reinforce the holes where shower rod rings hang. The stitching should not only be top-quality, but also follow a well-defined pattern. If the edges of the curtain you intend to buy show signs of fraying, you should reconsider your decision because it is unlikely to last long. At this point, it is worth noting that some bathroom curtains come with buttons and fabric loops instead of grommets. The problem with buttons and fabric loops is they are not as durable as grommets. Nevertheless, it is up to you to choose and purchase a curtain that will best suit your needs.



While a typical shower curtain costs anything from $20 to $100, you can expect to pay upwards of $100 for a high-end curtain. Some of the factors that determine the cost price include the quality of material, size, and custom add-ons one may request. Before buying a bathroom curtain, shop around and compare prices offered online as well as brick-and-mortar store retailers. At the end of the day, you should definitely come across one that fits your budget and style.



Curtain Rails: Information about Curtain Rails

Every window needs a covering to appear complete. Curtain rails are a part of the stylistic decisions you will be making. They are potentially a mere accessory; a piece of hardware no one really sees, but potentially something more. Curtain rails accentuate your choice of drape or curtain; flooring, moldings, and paintwork — even furnishings. Like a belt or pair of shoes added to an outfit, curtain rails complement your design plans.


Curtain Rails for Light Window Treatments

With sheer drapes, all you need are skinny, flexible curtain rails. They bend, are made from inexpensive materials, and take no effort to put up or remove. The most a person needs to hold curtain rails like these is a small bracket installed with two small screws as long as these brackets will not be used later to hold a heavier rod. Most likely, these will be made from an inexpensive aluminum alloy, possibly finished white.

Another example of light curtain rails for thin curtains is the half-window type seen in some coffee shops and restaurants. They hold gauzy or gingham curtains for adding accents only.


Curtain Rails for Heavier Curtains and Drapes

As window treatments become heavier, the material used for curtain rails must be sturdier and brackets will have to be fastened with longer screws. Poles will tend to be thicker and made from materials such as sturdy metal alloys or wood.

Home decorating and DIY stores carry a wide enough selection of curtain rails between them to fit you with curtain rails for the most basic office or a room in the house where your choice of curtain rails is not important to you, like a home-based office or storage room. In a more elegant environment, every piece of hardware will be noticed and you will probably shop with greater care.

If you want a wide variety of styles, materials, and extra pieces, it’s probably best to visit specialists who deal in unique curtain rails and other elements of the home or office décor that consumers tend to think of last.


Curtain Rails for Multiple Layers

There are curtain rails also made to hold two or more window treatments along two or three tracks, all part of one piece. This is to allow the designer to create a layered look of multiple textures and colors in front of a single window from wool, linen, and other materials. Many modern homes use this design technique to add flourish where furnishings and other elements lack depth or variety of color, but layers also make for a warmer room in cold weather. Curtain rails facilitate the choice to add layering.


Buying Curtain Rails Online

Cheap curtain rails and expensive ones are available over the Internet. Pick a style, color, and length, plus matching hardware to install curtain rails without leaving your home. Some carpentry or bespoke companies also supply curtain rails of a more ornate nature or made from exotic materials. Choose beautiful hardwood like Ebony, Walnut, or Cherry as well as end pieces, sometimes known as finials, to give basic curtain rails a final flourish. Use this as an opportunity to source eco-friendly products; curtain rails made from recycled materials or sustainable wood, for example. Even if you don’t buy curtain rails online, this is a low-pressure way to research the market and get ideas for the colors and styles of curtain rails you might want in each room of the house.


Curtain Rails and Accessories

Curtains and drapes are designed with a loop of fabric, built-in holes, or are designed to be clipped onto curtain rails using tiny pegs. Curtain rails will sometimes come with dual-purpose hardware: rings and clips. Sometimes you have to buy extra pieces separately. The best way to handle this, though, is to choose your curtains before buying curtain rails. That way you ensure all the necessary hardware is in your package and that it all matches. Dark wood curtain rails with metal rings will look very odd, even in a multi-media, contemporary design.

Also, consider ordering any tiebacks or other accessories at the same time for the same reason. Curtain tiebacks can be made of fabric or chosen to accessorize with the material your curtain rails are made from. Select finials: attractive end-pieces carved or shaped from glass, metal, or wood.



Double Curtain Rod: How they Can Be Used In Your Home

An introduction to the double curtain rod

A double curtain rod enables you to attach two curtain poles to a wall, from a single fixture. This double bracketed device holds each rod the same distance apart. Moreover, a double curtain rod can support a couple of different window dressing materials. Typically, this kind of design is used for hanging curtains of varying weights together. For instance, heavy drapes might be suspended on the outer pole, while thin sheer material hangs nearest to the window. Then, the drape might be drawn aside over daylight hours, to enable sunlight to penetrate the thinner sheer.


Usually, a thicker, heavier double curtain rod is the most sensible option, if you require a dressing for a long window. Any window that is more than 213 cm (eighty-four inches) long needs a dual bar that is held in position by one or more extra hardware brackets. Frequently, these areas utilize two to four drape panels, to tastefully cover all of the space available. In most cases, thin poles become bent over time, in between the brackets, due to the weight of the curtains. A heavy or medium weight double curtain rod (typically made of solid wood or iron) is often more expensive than a thin double curtain rod. Nonetheless, it can offer superior support to the extra weight and additional length that bay and picture window curtains require.

A double curtain rod should have sufficient space between its’ two poles, to enable each curtained fabric to pass through smoothly. You might find it useful to assess the weight of your curtain fabric, before buying this fixture. Normally, thick curtains consist of a dense brocade, with a dual lining layer. This fabric rapidly bulks up, when pushed to the side along a window. If the curtain rods are positioned too near to each other, this bulk might become trapped between the rods. In this scenario, you would have to increase the space between the poles, to accommodate the lined, heavy drapes.


A Double Curtain Rod
A Double Curtain Rod


Advantages of a double curtain rod

A double curtain rod offers numerous advantages. As well as allowing users to suspend a couple of curtains on a single window, it fits easily into virtually any space. This is helpful in situations where suspending several rods may be impractical. Furthermore, it is definitely more affordable, because you do not have to pay for two different rods.

A double curtain rod allows you to add depth to the appearance of your windows, because double curtains create a rich dimensional effect. Usually, this means that a light, soothing color is used for the thin fabric of the inner layer, and the thick curtain material on the outer layer complements the inner drape. As well as producing an elegant and sophisticated appearance, this also permits the outer drape to be pushed back. This way, the thinner layer is visible for an entirely contrasting appearance — with sunlight filtering through the property. Lots of enchanting effects can be produced, by placing curtains onto a double curtain rod in different positions.

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Useful Tips when selecting a double curtain rod

When suspending any kind of drapery or curtain, it is crucial to carefully measure the dimensions. By spending some time measuring everything precisely, you will circumvent installation mistakes and other expensive issues. Typically, the best way to start is to measure and mark four inches above the top of the window, and two inches from each side. This will ensure that your double curtain rod is affixed to the right area of your wall, and make your curtains look fantastic.

To select the most suitable double curtain rod, opt for a design that reflects the type of curtains you are using it with. A double curtain rod should match the window’s length, and be able to support the curtain’s weight. Also, a double curtain rod should be made from a strong wood or metal, because it often has to support up to twice the weight of a conventional curtain rod. A double curtain rod that is made from iron is easy to adjust and handle. When you install one of these rods on site, it is possible to cut the poles to match the length of the window. Wherever you intend to use a double curtain rod in your home, it is wise to shop around for the best deals available.


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Marburn Curtains: For Your Every Household Need

Marburn Curtains is a company which offers curtains, bedding, and accessories for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and more. The company was established in 1956. It began as a single department in Sloan’s Home Fair store in Union City. Since then, Marburn Curtains has become a chain of 21 home furnishing stores in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. They also have an extensive website, allowing people all over the world to enjoy their products. There are currently 250 owners of Marburn Curtains, including the founder and CEO. The 250 owners of the company are employees. Twenty three years ago, the founder decided to adopt an employee stock ownership program. This allowed employees to become owner, which in turn created more productivity. This is also beneficial for the customer. Because the employees are owners, they have a great deal of pride in the store, and they have invested interest in its success. This pride makes them more attentive, informative, and polite to their customers. When the customer is happy with the service that they are receiving, they will keep coming back. This is what the founder had in mind when he adopted the employee stock ownership program.

What Marburn Curtains Offer:

Marburn Curtains offers something for just about every room in the home. Whether you are looking to change to look of your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or living room, Marburn Curtains has something for you.


Marburn Curtains got their name because they specialize in curtains. You can find just about any type of curtain to suit your personal style and to tie into the style of your home. Whether your style is panel ensembles, tier ensembles, or top treatments, you can find these in a variety of colors and fabrics. Marburn has curtains for your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and for children’s rooms. You can also find curtains to dress your patio doors. If swag, scarf, or sheer curtains are your style, you can find them in a variety of colors and patterns. To accent your curtains and window treatments, you can browse through a large assortment of hardware, including rods, rings, tieback, and hold backs. Nothing dresses up a room more or transforms a room better than a new set of curtains.

If you would like to purchase some curtains, we recommend that you check out the following website (the link is below):




Marburn Curtains offers a full line for everything you could ever want or need for you bed. If you need a complete bed set, you can choose from their extensive bed in a bag collection. The bed in the bag contains sheets, pillow cases, pillow shams, a bed skirt, and a comforter. This is a great choice if you need to dress your entire bed. If you do not need a whole set, you can choose from comforters, sheet sets, and bed skirts. Marburn Curtains also has a full line of bed sets for kids. If you are looking for a throw to cozy up with on a cool night, they offer a large selection. You can even find throws with sleeves, allowing you to keep warm while still having the use of your hands.

To view a range of bedding options for purchase, please view the website link below:


Bath and Shower

Marburn Curtains offers a full line of bath and shower items, allowing you to redecorate your bathroom while keeping things organized. If you are looking for curtains for your bathroom, you can find the right curtains to suit your style. You can also find sink skirts to coordinate with your bathroom curtains, pulling your bathroom design together. To create your design further, you can find a matching shower curtain with accent shower hooks. To hold your new shower curtain up, Marburn Curtains offers shower tension rods which are very simple to install. To further tie in your new decorating style, there are a variety of  bath rugs and mats to choose from. Finally, to bring the bathroom together, you can choose from a variety of accessories, including themed soap dishes, toothbrush holders, lotion dispensers, tumblers, and wastebaskets. To keep things more organized in your bathroom, you can purchase an over toilet space saver or a bathroom organizer to store your towels, soaps, tissues, and other toiletries. For more mobile organization, you can purchase a four tier rolling cart. To keep things in place in the shower, you Marburn Curtains offers suction soap cradles, suction razor holders, and suction shower mirrors. For a great, high power shower, you can find massaging shower heads. Marburn Curtains also offers a wide variety of products to dress up your toilet. You can find soft, decorative, toilet seats and toilet seats for children. To keep your toilet clean, Marburn offers stylish toilet cleaners. Just because they are used to clean the toilet, it does not mean that they need to look bad. To keep a great deal of toilet paper on hand, Marburn offers a variety of styles of bath tissue holders.

You can view a large variety of bath and shower products by checking out the link below:

Bath and Shower

Shades and Blinds

Not only do shades and blinds protect you from the bright sunlight, they also offer privacy, and change the entire look of a room. Marburn Curtains offers fake wood blinds, which look great, are very functional, and offer a great deal of privacy. You can also find thermal blackout shades and room darkening blinds to keep the sun out when you are trying to sleep. For a quick and easy solution to your window covering needs, Marburn offers Peel N Stick Shades. They can be installed on any type and size window, and are incredibly durable and easy to care for.

If you desire to view some shades and Blinds products, check out the following link below:

Shades and Blinds

Kitchen Decor

For most people, the kitchen is the most frequently used room in the home. It is the place that you prepare and eat meals and where family and friends gather together. Because the kitchen is such an important part of the home, it should look nice. Marburn Curtains offers a wide variety of items to dress your kitchen up, so that it suits your individual style. The chairs in your kitchen should be comfortable. At Marburn Curtains, you can find chair pillows in a variety of colors to dress your chairs up, and make them more comfortable. Chances are, you can find a new set of curtains to match your kitchen pillows. If you are trying to dress up your dining room, you can find a variety of napkins and napkin rings in many colors and styles to match your current or new décor. Nothing dresses up a table better than a table cloth or place mat. Both look great and you can find either in a variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns. No matter what look you are going for, Marburn Curtains has something for you. If tablecloths are too much and place mats are not enough, you can find table runners in many different fabrics and styles. The towels in your kitchen are often used to dry your hands and your dishes. Marburn has a large selection of kitchen towels that will not only dry you hands and dishes, they will also match your kitchen décor.

You can purchase a variety of kitchen decor items from the website link below:

Kitchen Décor

Living Room

When it comes to the furniture in your living room, you want it to look good and be comfortable. If you have children or pets, it can be difficult to keep your furniture looking great. This is where furniture protectors come in. You can find protectors for your couch, chair, or love seat that will look great, while keeping your furniture from being stained or torn. If you have tables in your living room, you can dress them up with Marburn’s table toppers.

If you would like to purchase living room products, we highly recommend that you check out the website link below:

Living Room



Pillows are very important parts of sleep, as well as decoration. Marburn Curtains offers a wide variety of bed pillows, offering you a great night’s sleep. You can find pillows made of lambs wool, memory foam, memory foam contour, and two pack standard bed pillows, available in a variety of sizes and colors. Nothing can dress up a couch, loveseat, chair, bed, or floor better than a decorative pillow. The floor pillows which Marburn carries are stylish and offer extra seating in your bedroom or living room. You can add style to any seating area in your home with decorative pillows. Marburn offers a variety of sizes, patterns, and styles. Decorative pillows can make even the dullest piece of furniture, pop. If you travel often, Marburn Curtains offers travel pillows in a variety of colors. When you use one of these pillows, you can be sure to be comfortable while on your way to your destination. If you enjoy to sit up while reading or watching television, Marburn offers reading/bed rest pillows to keep you comfortable while sitting up.

Are you looking to purchase some pillows? If so, check out the link below where you can find a large variety of pillows for purchase:



Lace doilies have two purposes. They are used to dress up a table or other hard surface, and they are also used to hide scratches or other imperfections on these surfaces. Marburn offers doilies to make your home look nice.


Seasonal Items

Most people enjoy celebrating the holidays. One of the biggest, most widely celebrated holidays is Christmas. Marburn Curtains offers a great deal of Christmas decorations. You can decorate your home with Christmas accent candles, curtains, ornaments, tablecloths, runners, and place mats. To keep your decorations organized, you can purchase a case for your tree or organizers for your ornaments.
Easter is a holiday enjoyed by mostly by children. The idea of the Easter Bunny coming to the house late at night with candy for all can make any child giddy. Marburn Curtains offers a variety of place mats and runners to make the holiday more festive.
Halloween is a time of costumes, skeletons, ghosts, and pumpkins. If Halloween is a big day in your family, you can find a variety of Halloween decorations to make Halloween even scarier.
St. Patrick’s Day is a day just for the Irish. If you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you can find a variety of table decorations with St. Patrick’s themes.


Organizers and Storage

Organization is key when it comes to running a clean and efficient household. There are several storage solutions to choose from at Marburn Curtains, to keep everything in its place.
Collapsible and fold and storage crates are great places to store items in the back of your closet or in a storage shed. These storage boxes are available in a variety of sizes and colors. They are decorative enough that you can leave them out in plain sight. When you have many pairs of shoes, they can clutter the floor of your closet. Marburn Curtains’ expandable shoe caddy will keep the shoes together, and up off of the floor. If you are short of room on the closet floor, but have a great deal of space on the closet’s rod, you can purchase shoe hangers. Many people who wear scarves often have no choice but to keep them in a drawer. They do not stay on a typical hanger and get wrinkled in a drawer. Scarf holders solve that problem. If you are having a hard time keeping your utility closet clean, the six hook multipurpose hanging organizer can hold mops, brooms, rags, and just about anything that you need to keep in your closet. Most people spend time in bed reading, writing, and using their laptops and tablets. If you need a space to keep all of your items bedside, the Gearbox Bedside Storage box is a great way to keep things around your bed organized.

Summertime Items

Summer is a time for fun in the sun. Marburn offers a variety of items to make your summer more comfortable and stylish. With their inflatable ottomans, you can put your feet up around the pool, without worry of water damage to your furniture. Lying on the deck can be comfortable with any of the colorful indoor/outdoor mats. With the Seaside Market kitchen towel set, you can dress up your kitchen or barbeque area for summer. Summer is the time for camping out under the stars. To make your camping trip a more comfortable one, Marburn’s air mattress will allow you to sleep comfortably, up off the ground. If you are planning a solo trip, the twin mattress would be sufficient. If you are bringing a friend, the queen air mattress would be perfect. Putting air in this mattress is simple with the included electric pump.


Back to School

If you are sending a child off to college, Marburn has many back to school items to choose from. Your child’s college dorm room list can be an extensive one. You can find shower caddies, bedding, towels, organizational items, and decorative items to send your child off to college with everything that they need when they are away from home.



Candles are a great way to decorate a room and set the mood. The Forever Flame candles are a safe way to display candles, without an actual flame. The lights used in these candles replicate the random flicker of a traditional candle. If you are using candles to add stye and flair to a room, the Mercury Glass candles are a wonderful touch.


Gift Cards

For many people, gift giving can be a trying process. You may know that you want to get someone something for their home, but you may not know what to get. You may not know their particular style or what they might need. Marburn Curtains offers gift cards, so that you can give the gift of the wonderful quality items carried by Marburn, but you can let them choose exactly what they want.


Clearance Items

Everyone loves to save money. Marburn offers a wide selection of clearance items, which changes often. You may find an item that you want, but do not want to spend a great deal of money. If this is the case, you can view the curtains and home goods periodically. Chances are, you will find something that you have always wanted, and didn’t even know it.


Magic Gel Wall Tile

Nothing can brighten up a room like wall tile. Whether you are adding a back splash to your kitchen or bathroom, or creating a decoration in your shower, Magic Gel Wall Tile is a simple way to create these designs on your own in minutes. To apply you would simply peel and stick the tiles. With four decorative styles to choose from, you are sure to find one that will fit your decorating needs.


Head Massager

Marburn Curtains caters not only to making your home look beautiful, they can also make you feel better. You can give yourself a nice, relaxing head massage, using the steel tipped, stainless steel head massager. You can purchase one for yourself or give it as a gift. There is no better way to relax than a nice head massage.


Iron-On Hem Tape

At one time or another, everyone needs to have some type of fabric hemmed. Whether it is a skirt, pair of pants, or a set of curtains, they may not always be the right length. If you do not know how to sew, you would need to take your item to a tailor. When you purchase Marburn’s iron-on hem tape, there is no need know how to sew or take your items to a tailor. You simply iron on the hemming tape, and your items will be shorter in seconds.
Marburn Curtains offers curtains in a variety of styles and colors, however, they do not stop with just curtains. You can find something for every room in the house which will make your room look nicer and keep them more organized. This home goods store offers something for just about everyone.

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